Sunday, July 27

Three Words: BIG. BOY. BED.

We've been doing some mid-summer cleaning and decided the spare bed needed to get out of the guest room to make room for other stuff. We talked to Jack about sleeping on a big boy bed and when given the choice between his crib and the big boy bed, he chose the bed. We were mega-worried when we put him to bed tonight but made sure he was extremely tired before we headed to his room. He laid right down and didn't fuss once. I did turn his turtle on (it makes stars on the ceiling; Heidi and Tori know what I'm talkin' bout) and he watched the stars to fall asleep. We were beside ourselves with worry tonight and it might be a long night checking on him all the time. We'll see...
We were cheesing while Mommy put the jammers on him. His shirt is from uncle Jake. It reads: "Dude! Your Girlfriend Keeps Checking Me Out!" Classy.
Hanging out, bein' a cowboy on his big boy bed.
He just started getting that whole say-cheese-and-mug-for-the-camera thang.
You can just hear him saying 'cheese', cantcha?


The Hagan Clan said...

wow a big boy exciting! He's getting so big!!!

charlie said...

I bet Jack is all proud of his bed. We put Hannah in her big girl twin bed last week. Sleeping has been wonderful! Good luck!

The Wades said...

Oops, we stand corrected! You guys are the best (friends and bloggers)! Congrats on the big boy bed. I can't believe it's possible we're already to this stage of life. What happened to our "babies"?!?
~~Aaron and Cara

Staab Boys said...

Congratulations Jack. Welcome to the big boy club.

Sean & Ryan

Kimi said...

A BIG BOY bed? Johnny needs a big boy bed. I think we'll do that sometime between now and Christmas. Let us know how the night went!

We have a 2T Obama is my homeboy shirt for Jack. If it fits and if he is still your guy. I will send it with Nanci tonight. I have one for Jace too..but I think it will be too big.

Dave Ja Vu said...


Are you kidding? Of course he's still our guy! (As if there are any other options?!) I'm so excited for Jack to wear his new shirt! YAY!

Staab Boys said...

figured I'd send a message here, good chance you'll get it. check out there is an article about Barrie (my home town)... see if you can find it!!