Tuesday, July 22

Makin' Pizza

Mommy was folding laundry this morning and heard
a commotion in the kitchen. When she went to investigate
this is what she found- Jack trying to bake a wooden pizza.
This is the reaction Mommy got when she told Jack
he is suppose to tell Mommy when he wants to use the oven.


Cheryl said...

What a smart little guy! I love that expression when he got caught! And welcome back, I've missed your pictures and writings. I was way overdue for a "Jack-fix".

Peyton's Place said...

Ha Ha! That's so cute! At least it wasn't ON!

So, Joe & I were just talking last nite about how we wondered if you guys were still alive?! You haven't updated since 'Nam! ;o) Glad to see The Vrbi back up & runnin' yo!

Love you guys!

Randall Miner said...

Hey, at least it was a pizza. Hunter put one of Belle's barbie's in ours one day. We didn't find it till two days later. Thank God it wasn't on...lol.

The Wades said...

We get that look several times a days for various reasons. There's usually a scream that goes with it!

Blackmans said...

When I saw his face I couldn't stop laughing! It reminds me so much of you, Dave! Seriously!

It's good to "see" you guys again! Thanks for updating!

The Hagan Clan said...

Jack~Jack you crack me up buddy...love the pics... glad your back!

Dax and Ian said...