Thursday, July 24

Mega Randomness

We were goofing off at Grandma's the other day. His laugh makes me laugh.
I'm always cracking him up.
Can you believe how big he looks in this picture? Like a real boy, Gipetto! A real boy!
This is the blank, vacant stare we get during those rare moments when we divert his attention from "Max and Ruby" momentarily.
We snagged this table set for five bucks. Worth all 500 pennies, I tell ya! Jack agree-eth.


Staab Boys said...

Nice to see some updates... finally. Glad to see you've been checking in on us too! Seems that Jack has still managed to have some laughs with us gone! We'll be back on the 31st and will check in sometime after. Keep checking the blog, I've been updating again!