Tuesday, July 22

O'er The Course O' The Weekend

Okay, first off I should probably explain why the lack of posts lately. Well, it's quite simple. We cancelled internet because we were paying an arm and a leg since no longer getting the bundle discount with Charter when we cancelled cable. We were picking up a wicked awesome signal from a neighbor, so made the decision to just be moochers and use their internet. Not so fast. The minute we disconnected, that signal disappeared too. And it took two weeks to finally get hooked up with internet again. Yowch. Lesson learned.
Needless to say, I have A LOT of updating to get done, including 4th of July! So, I'm taking it bits and pieces at a time (thankfully Amy updated some this afternoon; see her posts below). And as Jack's shirt above states, "That's How I Roll." Profound.
Yes, Jack is wearing Aunt Emily's snakeskin pumps in this photo. And yes, we think it's funny. He is obsessed with all kinds of shoes and these were the first that stuck on his little feet (and they made clompy sounds when he stepped). A lot more fun for him than dad's flip flops. Speaking of which, about a month ago, Amy was helping Jack put on his Thomas sandals. She said something about the Thomas shoes, and he looked up, serious as ever, and said, "My Thomas Shoes. They're best shoes." That they are, Jack. That they are.

Classy heels.

We had Amy's brother Jake, sister Emily and Papa Tom at the house this weekend. It definitely called for the pool to be filled. Jack took the lead on that one...

Jacob demonstrating his might.
Uncle Jake and Jack. They had a wee tiff on Saturday, but it ended quickly.
Nothin' says summer like an box of generic AJ.
What a sharp kid. Look at that blond hair!
He and Jake were goofing. Either that or this is when I was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and making the last word of each line sound really goofy. Yeah, I think that was it actually.

He's freaking adorb.
Emmy and Jack playing with his cop car.
Jack convinced Emily to hang out with him on Mom and Dad's bed and watch "Max and Ruby". Okay, the show is fine and all and it's very age appropriate, but Jack is completely obsessed with this show. For about a week it was all he wanted to do. He'd just say "Max. Urby." over and over all day long. We'd give in but only after he played outside a while. And with this gnarly humidity, I can't say I blame him for wanting to chill inside.
Jakey sleepy.
Papa Tom took Jack for a walk in the park the other day just the two of them. A pleasant trip enjoyed by both of them...and all of us at the house who didn't have to watch "Max and Ruby" for an hour. Bless you, Gramps. Bless you.


Peyton's Place said...

OMG! Max & Ruby is Peytie's FAVORITE show too! (That & Scooby Doo.) I totally agree, it's age fitting & cute & everything... but GEEZ - can we get a break?!?! LOL!

Blackmans said...

I love your new layout! Very awesome!

It looks like you had an awesome weekend! Now I know what to get Jack... Max and Ruby videos so now you have a selection!

The Hagan Clan said...

got to love the movie and tv show addiction...at least around that age all kids like the same thing, well throw a 9 year old in there and the fight is on...love the layout out by the way...way to really updated!!!

Sherman said...

I love the shirt. Very cute. I will have to find one of those for Miss Addison. Nice to hear from you guys.

The Wades said...

We've kind of left Blue's Clues behind and have moved on to Go Diego Go. They're growing up so fast! So, does this mean you're back to cable too?

Dax and Ian said...

where did you get that shirt. too funny!!
glad you guys are back up and running...we missed you!!