Saturday, July 26

A Very Timely 4th Of July Post

Okay, I'm aware that these pix are kinda small, but for the sake of time, I had to post them this way 'cuz there are so many. If you want to see any of them closer, just click on them. Above, Matt teaches Peyton and Jackles the ninja art of lawn croquet. They were very good students and there was only one injury: when Jack winged his mallet around and smacked himself in his shoulder. No tears were shed.
This is our cousin Sabrina. She's completely adorb, no? She is my cousin Josh's daughter.
Again, Mr. Miyagi with his students.
The crew at Grandma V's house. On the left is my Broseph. He's 30 now. Poor guy. He has no idea yet what he's in for.
My dad appears as though he's being pushy, but he would never do that. He must be showin' off his guns. Yeah, that's it.
This is Sarah. We took photos of each other taking pictures of each other. 'Cuz we're awesome.
This is Grace, Sabrina's sister. She's sweet.
Peyton and Jack playing by Uncle Keith-er Sutherland and Grammy Tami. I bet you 100 million dollars Keith was saying something weird or gross or funny. It's kinda his 'thang'.
Jack got plenty of fluids. Fear not.
Ryan is obsessed with fireworks. He and I are not alike in that way.

Jack loved the snap pops. For about 30 seconds then he got distracted.
Julie and Grace. Geez, Jules, ix-nay on the ile-smay.
Jack and Tori await the fireworks show.
Grandma Elaine got Jack's attention for a moment. And it didn't even require candy! She's amazing!
Joe and Sarah. He's old. She's not. You do the math.

Joe and Jack. He's very old compared to Jack. But a little less mature... tee hee! (Just kidding. Joe's rad. He really is, but he needs and deserves as much crap as possible...always.)
The crew from the night. Stay tuned for photos of the cheeser contest.
Julie and Jack were BFF's that night. When she disappeared after fireworks, Jack was running around saying "where Juey go?" for quite a while. Even on the way back to Granny Janny's.
A little Sierra Mist Free never hurt anyone. (Okay, I don't know how accurate that statement is. I have no proof at all, but I assume it's never really hurt anyone SERIOUSLY at least. I'll look into it, k?)
Where Juey go? She's right there! I played volleyball with her that day and we got to play three games in the double elimination tourney. You do the math. (We lost 'cuz we kinda drank a little bit. Don't tell our moms...cuz they already would be pointless and a waste of YOUR time.)

I love this pic of Jack and Peytunia enjoying the fireworks on the blankie. Culbertson has the best fireworks show ev. Hands down. No if's, and's or but's about it. Don't argue this point with me. You will lose.
See, here's proof. Nanna nanna boo boo.
Jack at Granny Janny's house. Sometimes you've just gotta stop and smell the daylilies.
Jack and Hank were BFF's too. In fact, if he didn't know where Hank was at all times, may Lawd have mercy. Seriously. It was whack. We stayed at Rick's house and got the royal treatment with our own master bed and bath. We're special I guess.
Hathead McGee during an introspective moment at Rick's house that weekend. Jack's parents (me and Amy for those of you not paying attention) celebrated our 5th anniversary on the 5th of July...with a 5th of Jack (that last part is a lie). We had a great weekend, much like the last five years, and Granny Janny even watched Jack while we went to a movie. And at the risk of going all Ebert and Roeper on ya, "Wanted" was pretty good. In case you wondered.


Peyton's Place said...

I've got tears in my eyes Dave. Seriously... I enjoy your hilarious comments as much as I do your pics! ;o)

The Wades said...

FYI, I was checking my email and Cam just climbed up beside and requested a picture of "Jack-Jack"! I showed him the last picture on this post. His comment (accompanied with forlorn eyes) was: "Oh Jack-Jack has a binky".
~~Cara :)

The Wades said...

BTW, we just realized we're no longer on the blog list. What up?

Dave Ja Vu said...


While it's true that we have, in the past, intentionally removed some less friendly peeps from the blog list, you are mos def still on it, bro. And the odds of you and Cara EVER being removed from it? Ain't gon' happen. Check again.

It's actually kinda cool. It's a new blogger feature called a blogroll. The most recent post on any of the blogs moves to the top of the list. Makes my blog checking much easier cuz if you haven't updated I don't have to waste my valuable, presh time. I'm diggin' it. Try it. You'll like it. Everybody's doin' it.