Friday, May 16

We Think Suchs Lake Mos Def Does NOT Suck

We accidentally met our friends Lane, Sarah and Owen at the lake the other day. Going to Suchs has become quite an obsession for the Vrbi due to its proximity, the ducks, the playground and its offering of a dose of nature. We've been there about five times in the past week and a half.
Pinching a loaf for the ducks.
This is not a flattering photo by any stretch of the imagination.
The duck behind our house disappeared leaving only three eggs behind, so we were happy to see some baby ducks at the lake. It helped me get over my disappointment. This whole crew of ducks were all with one mommy. Not sure what's going on there...
Wheee! Jack likes the big slides needless to say. Won't even look twice at the others anymore.
Climby McBlonderson.

O and his dad peer over the edge.
Our future mountain climber. I was worried the first time he tackled this thing to get to the slide, but he is quite the maneuverer (not a word I'm sure), and has the agility of a baby jaguar (nice little Dora ref there). We still stand right beside him with arms out ready for a slip, but so far nothin'...
Friends don't shake hands. Friends gotta KISS! (Sarah and I did not participate. Just sayin'.)


Tara said...

FYI: baby jaguar is from Diego, not Dora! Come on dave! get with the nick toons man!! Hope you and your family are doing well!!

Dave Ja Vu said...

You're so right, but on our only eppy of Dora that we have on DVD, it's the one where Boots meets Diego and they save the baby jaguar. That's where my confusion set in. That, and I posted that at 2 a.m.

That'll also generate some confusion. Stupid antihistamine keeping me up all night!