Thursday, May 15

I'm Really Behind So Enjoy This Post Of Pics From About Two Weekends Ago! Man, I Need To Prioritize! Oh Wait, I Am...Enjoy Nonetheless.

Amy, along with Nanci's sister Pam, hosted a shower for the mom-to-be at her house a couple weekends ago. Jack and Granny Janny went too. Dad played in a brutal volleyball tournament where he learned that it's a good idea to get plenty of sleep the night before and to be in shape. He had neither of those things going for him. Moving on...
Johnathan and Kimi were there too. If it weren't for Nanci, Jack would never know his 'other brother from another mother.' (Cam is the other triplet.)
We heart this onesie Nanci's friend Ashley got her.
Jack snuggled up with Granny Janny for his nap.
We went to the playground afterward. Jack showed Kelsey Grammers Janners what a great climber he is.
Sliding was also on the agenda.
As was swinging.
I got on the ground to snap this shot, then the batteries died on the cam. Oops. Jack did help pick woodchips off my jacket though, so that was helpful.
Eatin' snacks at the nook with Grams.
Oops! We had a slight milk spill then Jack decided to play in it.