Saturday, May 17

Has It Really Almost Been Two Years?

Freshly borned.
3 mos. and already flashing that winning smile.
6 months and check out those peepers!
9 mos. and cuter than ev.

One year and getting around like a champ.
15 mos. and already a party animal.
18 mos. and spreading some holiday cheer.
21 mos. and no shortage of personality.
Almost 2.

Did I really just type that? How time flies when you're watching your little ones grow.

Hmmm... Gotta stop typing now...I'm getting teary...catcha later!


Peyton's Place said...

What a cutie! And that just tells me it's def time for another one! Get crackin' you two! Ha Ha!

Miner Ramblings said...

It's amazing how quick they grow and get their personalities. He's definitely a handsome young man, though. It depresses me knowing that Lillie starts kindergarten and Hunter starts pre-school this fall and Dre's already a month old. It sure ages you quick.

Sarah said...

Beautiful post, Dave.