Tuesday, May 27

Holy Memorial Day Weekend!

We woke up Saturday morning at home, bored out of our gourds, when Emily and Dan called and mentioned getting together in Omaha. We decided that was a great idea. Here's Mr. Cool getting ready for the trip.
We got to Lincoln, ate with Auntie Em, then checked out their amazing Children's Museum downtown. Here is Jack in Toddler Land.
The ramp was a good time. The cars went pretty fast.
Driving...pushing buttons...all in a day...
Jack the po-po heading to the donut shop.
Fighting fires with this friend he met in the truck.
Driving tractor...just like oodles of his ancestors.
Watching the hot air balloon. It's down in this picture...
...and in this picture it's up!

Honey, I Shrunk The Jack!
Time for some apple juice.
Ready to fly the friendly skies.
This is Mommy's face I think.
Future astronaut? Stay tuned.

A very smily astro-nut.
After staying with Dan and not taking any pictures, we got a call from Granny Janny that Grandpa K was having some serious health problems. They had him in ICU at the hospital in Des Moines. We decided to skip the zoo Sunday and see it some other time. It wouldn't have been fun knowing Grandpa was sick.
When we first got to Iowa, we were starving so we stopped at Chuck E. Cheese's and had some pizza and fun. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. 'Cuz I literally hadn't.
Getting ready to ride the Chuck E. Cheese Express.
Buckle Up! It's the law!
And look who that is! Jack was very excited to see Chuck E. Cheese. He even said his whole name! He was very excited to see Chuck. VERY excited. He told Grandma and Susan about it later.

After visiting Gramps at the hospital and mowing Grandma's lawn, we went to see Taylor and Kealey and Emily and Mike. Kealey had softball so Mike and Emily came to watch her and see Gramps too. Here's Taylor.
Taylor showed Jack his trampoline. It was a hit. Video of that experience later...
What fun!
We then went to dinner with them. We waited an hour-and-a-half to eat so Jack got to play with Taylor and Kealey A LOT!
He enjoyed Taylor's Shirley Temple quite a bit.

They all have ginormous hands so every time we're around them they compare. It's a thing...
Auntie Em and Jack Jack doing some goofin'.
Yes, we did actually eat. Kealey and Jack had fun.
He gave me a drink.
Then flicked the straw and I had Shirley Temple in my schnozz.

This picture is for Aunt Missy. Jack loved the onion bloom. Hee hee...
After eating, we made it back to Grandma's right before a mega storm blew in. The power was out half the night and Susan and I had some branches to pick up. Good thing Jack was asleep when it blew through. It was free-kee!
Jack and Aunt Susan. She was pretty happy he said her name.
After visiting Gramps again, we headed home. Though right outside of Omaha, we decided the zoo was calling our names. So we went. Not sure what's going on here...
We thought this monkey was presh.

Jack loved the fish. A LOT. He even said shark without being told what they were yet.
The giraffes were a hit too.
After the zoo, we went to eat with Uncle Dan at the Olive Garden. It was delisch!
Jack taught Dan how to jump.
Jumping class has begun.
We got home around 8 p.m. last night and found water in our basement again, so we'll tend to that now. We might just be a little bit exhausted right now though...


Blackmans said...

I can't believe you gave your poor son onions!!

Seriously, there are some pictures where Jack looks like such a big boy. I think we need to make a trip to see you soon!

Dax and Ian said...

yep, lincoln has a pretty sweet children's museum. give us a call next time, would ya? we would have totally come and played!
glad you had a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

We were just at the zoo with the tykes last weekend! looks like we just missed you!
Looks like your trip was uber fun!
-The Blecha's

Peyton's Place said...

I'm sorry to hear that Amy's grandpa isn't doing well again. But it looks like you had a pretty fun trip all-in-all. Jack is getting so big!

Staab Boys said...

Holy jam packed weekend... how is Grandpa doing?

Randall Miner said...

It sounds like you guys had one hell of a weekend. Hope everything goes okay with Amy's grandpa. That children's museum is a blast. We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.