Monday, May 19

Last Weekend

Ryan and Sean came over to visit Jack on Saturday morning. Oh, and I guess their mommies got some visiting done too.

The boyz had a great time hanging out and playing. Who wouldn't with a bunch of Mickey D's food?
Later that day, we FINALLY got over to Ange's house to get Britton and Brooklyne's old swingset. Daddy had promised the Jones fam he'd be over a long time ago, but it finally worked out to get over there. Needless to say, Jack enjoyed his swing immensely.
Then Heidi, Tori and Daniel came to town! Here, Tori and Jack demonstrate tai chi for the audience. Okay, actually I think I just caught them in a strange moment.
Frisbee having some fun.
Jack really took off with the whole talking thing in the past couple days. He was even counting to three (with a bit of help). It's amazing how much he's saying now. Took him some time to start, but he's a talking machine now!

He really loved my shades. I ended up getting him a smaller version for himself just today. He loves them too.
I'm posting this for Heidi and Tori's amusement. And I refuse to get into the story here. It's amusing/horrifying. Horrimusing pretty much. It involved the duck mating ritual. 'Nuff said.
We had to get away from nature for a while, so Tori and Jack did some sliding.


Peyton's Place said...

Yeah, so I heard about the 'horrimusing' incident at Suchs. Yikes! That's all I have to say! That & the fact that I laughed my butt off when Heidi & Tori were sharing the story. ('Course, I wasn't there.)

Good pics! We miss you guys!

The Wades said...

We have to hear this story. Email us!
~~Aaron and Cara

Anonymous said...

I'm still reeling from the events at Sucks (yeah, I know I spelled it wrong)! That was quite possibly the most disturbing nature outing ever...horrimusing is right. And the picture captures the chaos so well - great picture Amy! I'm hoping to avoid seeing any ducks for awhile for fear that I might need counseling. If only I could get it out of my mind...poor ducks. Oh the agony! We should not speak of this ever again....