Tuesday, May 13

The Wades Were Back In Town

Our good, good, good, good friends Aaron, Cara, Cam and Bryce were in town for her grandpa's funeral. They stayed with us and we had a great several days with them. I'm sure they were ready to get away from us after the first day, but they endured.
Here, Jack stands between our two cars, waiting for Cam to turn the corner.

There you are!
Ye olde Dandelion Patch was a hit. And a mess.

Oh, I've already been asked from the video posted: That is our new car behind Jack in this pic. And no, it's not a minivan, it's a Chrysler Pacifica and we're very pleased with it. Very pleased. It's just plain perfect. (If you ever need a new car, ask me for a name. I'll tell you who to see. He's Jack's 'other' Papa. Daycare Laurie's dad actually.)

Timeless if it weren't for the disposable diaper and the Kia behind him too...
Yikes. I just sprayed them tonight. The dandelions, that is.

Does the window look superimposed in this photo? It's not.
Jack and Cam became BFF this weekend. Give or take a handful of moments where they fought it out a bit.
Cammy sleepy.
Cam has the climbing, daredevil thing down pat pretty much. He would crawl up on our padded toy bench/ottoman, jump up, bounce on his butt and land on his feet on the floor. Made my heart stop a few times! His 'rents put the kibosh on that one quite expediently.
Messy McMessersons playing in Jack's room.
We've had Cam's birthday present since the last time they were in town, about a month ago. We wanted to build suspense...
Blue's Clues was on. 'Nuff said.
This is Bryce. I don't think I know how to spell his name correctly. Anyhootie, he's adorable and wiggly! He's mos def a go-getter! I predict he'll hit his physical milestones VERY early!
Couple of goofballs if you ask me my opinion. Jack's shirt reads "Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Paste" and Cam's shirt says "Future President". I'd vote for a Vrbas/Wade or Wade/Vrbas ticket any day. (Don't go all Hillary Clinton on me, Wades. This presidential election won't even be settled by then anyway!) Pretty sure W has a "Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Paste" shirt somewhere in his Crawford closet, no?
Bye, friends! We miss you already! Please come back soon. Or, better yet, move back now!


The Wades said...

Not only did we NOT get tired of you. We would actually move in with you if you let us!!!! Hee, Hee, Hee, we'll spare you that! Awesome to see you and we ALREADY miss you!

Kimi said...

For BFF's those boys kinda look like brothers!

LOVE the new wheels!! The best of both worlds...mini van/suv. Our neighbors have the same car.

Summer is almost here! I can't wait to get the boys together to play this summer. Johnathan is due for some Kid's Kingdom time!

Staab Boys said...

Looks like you guys (or at least the boys!) had a great time. They're getting so big. Looking forward to our own get together on Friday.