Tuesday, April 1

A Very Rare Bowling Post From The Vrbi

Bowling For Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Amy and her friends from Gates all took part in Bowling For Kids' Sake on Saturday, teaming up to benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Pictured above are Jill, Amy, TiLynn, Sarah and Sara. They had a really good time and raised moolah for a good cause!
Since we don't typically do the 'bowling thing'...like...EVER...we decided to get together with most of Amy's team/good friends, have some fun and practice on Friday night. Here is Owen. He was very happy about our little shindig.
Jack and O were a little wily, so Lane and I took them to the arcade. They played, muscled for rank on the firetruck and overall had a splendid time.
Okay, I took a picture of this as proof that it actually happened. Amy and I, the first game, bowled a 63 and a 66, respectively. The second game though, well...just look at those scores! And yes, the D stands for me and the A stands for Amy. How do things like that happen? After our first game, we set our goal at getting at least an 80. Mission accompsh! I suck at bowling! I decided after that game, I was never bowling again so I can go out with a bang. But I probably will bowl again...cuz it was waaaayyy fun!


The Hagan Clan said...

i totally agree...i suck at bowling so bad...but it so fun and its easy to do a family fun night...dalten even tries to bowl once awhile...I wish they had a big brother and sister thing here...I think its so neat...so glad that Amy got to be involved in it...

Anonymous said...

I used to do this every year when I lived in ole GI.

On a lighter note - Amy looks GREAT! Holy yowza hot momma! You look like you've really been taking care of yourself! Simply beautiful!

(and all the Blechas)

Sarah said...

Thanks for hanging out with us guys!! We had so much fun with you.