Tuesday, April 29

Catchin' Up Whitcha

Ninjaz have wicked balancing skillz.
Okay, so I know that I've been neglecting this site a bit, but after what can only be deemed "The Month From Hell," I'm finally able to update you guys between showering and getting ready for work. Yeah, I'm still busy, but you matter to me...so...here you are! This is the entry to our remodeled kit. Looks beaut, I know!

The only things I have left are a little painting, sealing the floor and trimwork. Piece of cake. (Oh, and the pizza on the stove is totes not a prop. We really ate it that day for lunch.)
Da breakfast bar and breakfast nook. A lot of breakfast for a guy who doesn't even take time out for breaksies, huh? (My dad doesn't either. We also both despise rice. We have differing viewpoints on both strawberries and cooked liver though...)
This is pretty much the same picture. Deal with it.
Okay, so I'm repeating myself. Just pretty proud of my handiwork. Whodathunkit?

This is Jack at Owen's birthday party, playing with two kids I have no idea who they are. I wasn't there. I was at home in the kitchen with my dad. We were baking cakes. Ya know...normal dad-son stuff.
This is a picture of Jack running away from home because his dad ignores him every weekend because of the kitchen. Ahem...you're going the wrong way! Sorry, Jack. Now that it's over, Daddy can actually pay attention to you. How old are you now? 13? Wow.
When we were clearing the garden of the old stuff, I was pulling up the leftover crysanthemums, on my hands and knees and this mama duck scared the poo-sticks out of me. I thought it was a badger or something. We gave her water and bread so she could survive the nesting ritual. I think we're gonna have baby ducklings soon! That'll be fun. And fun is good.
Don't stand so...don't stand so...don't stand so close to me... The duck was a little concerned about the Jackles getting so close to her eggs. Jack loves feeding ducks though.
Big gulps, huh? Welp, see ya later!

Ninja Jack displaying his skillz.
After a long day of tiling, nothing feels better than falling asleep in a snuggle. Gawsh, I look old. Why do I still get carded? I don't get it. I look eleventy-seven or so right now.
This is also at O's party. Jack had a blast with that balloon. From what I hear...I wasn't there...I was at home...in the kitchen...bustin' my hump.
That's my awesomest, funniest friend ever, Aaron, swinging my kid. Good to know he could step up for me...while I was in the kitchen...with my dad...working...
See ya soon, everyone!


brusoe2000 said...

kitchen is looking real good. you guys did a great job

Peyton's Place said...

OMG!! You ARE alive! I thought maybe all that remodeling had killed ya'! That & the fact that you haven't updated your blog in FOREVER!! ;o) Your kitchen looks great guys!! Good work! I bet you're ready to sit back & enjoy it all now. That & spend a little quality time with your family...

Glad to hear we have The Dave back! ;o) Miss you guys!

Blackmans said...

Your kitchen looks awesome!! Thank you so much for updating! We've missed you! The duck is weird. I can't wait to see the babies and to see what Jack thinks of them!!

The Wades said...

So good to "see" you guys again! The kitchen looks awesome! Why don't you come our way!

bec said...

yay! you're back!! i knew you were probably quite busy working on your gorgeous kitchen, but i was starting to get a little worried about you guys! ;) thanks for the update!! i hope you have some nice relaxing plans in the very near future! you all deserve it!

Sarah said...

Where were you all month, Dave?! Looks Beau-Ti-Ful!!!

The Southworth's said...

The kitchen looks fab!!! Jack is getting so big, and more adorable all the time.