Saturday, April 12

Jack On TV...Again!

Jack will be on the evening news again tonight, this time with none other than MOMMY!

They were at a Walk For Autism here in town, and our favorite local reporter, Stacia Kalinoski (who hearts Jack with all her heart), caught Amy and Jack goofing.

Tune in at 10 to NTV and check them out in all their glory. I'll post a link to the website again so you can watch it online for those of you out of their coverage area.

Your famous, fantastic, and fabulous friends,

ThE vRbI


Kimi said...

I saw your little TV STARS!!! Loved Jack's Elmo shirt....Johnny calls him "Melmo" Too cute!

Cheryl said...

I saw them too!

Staab Boys said...

I looked on the website, but can't find it. Can you help?