Wednesday, April 9

Pop Quiz

Question: There are five lovely ladies in the following three photos. Where are they and what are they doing?
A) Their annual cult meeting. It was time to sacrifice a chicken, hence the first lady's arms flailing in the air. The woman in the second photo is demonstrating how the head just POPS right off.
B) A campaign stop for Ralph Nader. Two of them are WAY into consumer advocacy.
C) An ABBA cover band concert. They're dancing queens! Hollah!
D) EstrogenFest 2008. The first two pictures are photographic evidence of hot flashes!
E) A Tri-City Storm Hockey Game. They're just having a girls' night out and enjoying themselves.
The answer, of course, is E. Amy and five of her pals from work attended a hockey game last Saturday. Obvs, a good time was had by all. In two photos, Rombach and Hickenbottom get down to the groovy tunes at the arena. The final photo is all of them together: Deb Rombach, Tammy Verba, Amy, TiLynn Scott and Sarah Hickenbottom.


The Hagan Clan said...

I would say "E"

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure I was saying, "For a good time call...that lady!"

OR, maybe I was just doing the "Elaine Bennis" dance.