Thursday, February 15

What a Boy!

All dressed up for my day, laying in bed with Dexy.
Dang, I'm looking good today!
I see Mommy!
The ceiling fan always mesmerizes me. Never fails.
Semi-profile shot.
Mug shot.
Hey, Macarena!
Hi again, Mommy.
I tried to pull my socks off, but they were on there good.
I'm ready to go now, folks. Ready to go!


Stacy Cutinella said...

These are my new favorites!!
Soo cute when Jack's face lights up seeing his Mommy :)
You make it look so too fun having a baby, I might just run off and get me one :}

Dianne Witt said...

Jack looks like his mother! Cute Baby! Miss you at Chapman Amy!