Saturday, February 17

So Many Visitors, So Little Time

Cara tried to hide, but couldn't quite get out of the way.
Anyway, my buddy Dax came to town so I got to hang out
with him, Camden and our mommies.

Here's the three of us catching up.

Here's me with only one sock on, Dax chewing on his fingers and Camden ready for takeoff.

Good to see you, buddy. Let's shake hands.

Camden's getting around pretty darn good these days!

Then my Grandma Elaine got here. She came with Uncle Jared, Aunt Missy and Luke to pick up their new camper from Daddy. Luke and Grandma spent the night with us. Missy and Jared wanted some sleep so they stayed at a hotel.
My cousin Luke doesn't like pants. He's pretty entertaining, to say the least, and we were a captive audience!
Captain Underpants put on a great baton show.
My cousin gave me a hug and I hugged back for the first time!
Luke, you're so funny! (I don't know what Luke was doing here, but it was funny.)

My cousin taught me how to play with my toys.
Then he gave me eskimo kisses. I LOVE eskimo kisses!
After he showed me how it works, I was able to play the piano myself. My first song was
"When The Saints Go Marching In".

Luke, what are you doin'?!
Three more VERY satisfied customers! All in a day's work for my daddy-o.
Missy and Jared were very happy with their experience at Rich & Sons
and said they would definitely send others there; that's just good PR.
Thanks, Uncle Jared & Aunt Missy! It was a pleasure!


The Wades said...

Hey Jack-Jack,
It was great hangin' with you the other day! See ya at Boyz Night Out in a couple of weeks!