Monday, February 12

Just Some Cute Pix

I can palm this beachball.
And now the amazing Jack Jack will levitate this beachball.
Getting ready for my basketball years.
Delicious plasticy ball.
The floor is my favorite place.
Hi Daddy!
Pffftttt! My favorite thing to do now is motorboat sounds.
Yummy delicious socks.
Even after my sock, I'm still hungry.


Susan said...

Wow! A future basketball star! Jack's hair is really growing lately. I thought for sure he would be very blond.

Baby Greenwood said...

i can't wait to come play on friday, jack jack!! it's been too long!
glad your daddy found some time to get new pics up! i hear he's been busy lately!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

I miss you.
Love, Grandma Tami

The Wades said...

Hey Jack-Jack, I have a hoop in my driveway just waiting for us!