Sunday, February 25

I REALLY Want To Crawl!

Lean forward.
Lean a little more to the left.
And quite a bit more.
Now I'm back on my hinder ender. (This picture is so cute!)
This yoga pose is called 'leaning newborn'.
This carpet is so dirty, Mommy and Daddy!
My leg is stuck under my belly.
Look at me up where I can get to going. Not that I do, but I try.
I'm up and getting stronger.
All tuckered out...


Susan said...

Jack is so cute! I want to move his leg out from under him when I see these pictures. Maybe he'll be a contortionist or into yoga! Hey, I didn't realize that Amy and I will both be the big 3-0 next. Great! My students thought I was 106. Nah, that's just what I feel like in school!