Tuesday, February 20

Just Some Happy Funtime Fotos

My daddy's just posting this photo because it highlights my eyes. I'm completely 100% gorgeous and precious and sweet and cute and snuggly and lovable.
Same with this one. Like my ghetto bib? The other ones were dirty so we improvised.
Daddy got me a bath seat just like the one my buddy Cam has.
I'm so happy to have my new bath seat I will eat this rubber ducky!
I'm all personality when I take a bath. It's the best!
Whassup, Mommy!
Rubber ducky, you're the one...

You buy 'em books, you buy 'em books...and all they do...
You can't be serial, Daddy.
Crawling is but a week or so away, folks, as predicted by Daddy!
Still love my Sassy even after all these months.
Here we are...hangin' out...bein' dudes...

(Mommy's birthday is on Thursday, y'all! Make sure you wish her a happy 29th!)


Baby Greenwood said...

DUDE, your daddy is looking so skinny!
it was really great seeing you last friday. i think my mommy wants to bring me back to GI again when your mommy has spring break!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY AUNT AMY!!!! We love you & miss you...

Peyton, Sarah & Joe