Wednesday, February 7

My Buddy Sean

Sean and Jack (and Linda is hiding).
You're my buddy, buddy.
The eyelash twins.
Sean and I met up at Rich & Sons on Tuesday evening after daycare. We were both so excited to see another kid amongst all the adults that we just had to have our photo taken. They're definitely worth a post. We're both lookin' good!
(Thanks for being patient as I figure out what to do with the contrast and brightness on this new program. Some of them look flat and others too contrast-y. I'm working on it. The first and third photos are perfect, but the others are a bit wonky.)


Staab Boys said...

Cute pictures! I wish Sean would pose as well with Ryan as he does with Jack Jack!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jack Jack! I saw your daddy this weekend and he was working hard! You are getting so big!!!