Sunday, October 29

Hangin' With the Staabs at the Pumpkin Patch

Daddy and Jack went through the corn maze, but came out of the wrong place. Hey, at least we didn't get lost!

Uncle Jake and Uncle Dan pose in the pumpkin mobile.
Melissa and Ryan by the corn playbox.
Look, Ma, it's the Great Pumpkin. (Ryan and Sean)
The Vrbi boys after Jack woke up.
What a cutie bug.
The Vrbi family.
Mommy loves Jack. And vice versa.

We hit the Helgoth Pumpkin Patch on Sunday afternoon with the Staab family: Tony, Melissa, Sean and Ryan. Granny Janny, Uncle Jake, Uncle Dan and Aunt Amber were there too. We had never been there before, and can imagine how much fun Jack will have there in years to come. The bouncy pumpkin, slides, straw bale fort, rip-cords, corn maze and all the other great stuff to see and do were amazing.

There were a lot of pictures, so I posted them smaller so it wouldn't take forever. If you want to actually see what's going on in the pictures, just click any of them.

Jack's Halloween Costume

Vrbi Halloween Bash - The Radical 80s

Before everyone else arrived, Jack had quality time with Aunt Nanci.

They both had great costumes.
Then Debbie Gibson showed up!
I was getting tired at this point, so Granny Janny and I went to my room.
Larry Bird and Baby Bird.
The whole crew together.
Not sure why we have eyeballs in our mouths, but whatev.
Dee Snider and a Twisted Sister. (Uncle Dan and Aunt Amber.)
Aunt Amber is, like, totally 80s!
A twisted sister fo' sho!
There were other celebrity guests when Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers showed. We asked them to sing "Islands In The Stream" but they declined.
Deb was rockin' out to her 80s tunes.
Dave dressed in his getup from high school in McCook and Deb STILL hung out with him all night.
A super-skinny Richard Simmons even showed up.
Jessa and Tonya ham it up.
Bryan was a Lichtenstein cartoon dude...
...and Tonya was a Lichtenstein cartoon chick.
Cara brought the 80s back in style.
Is it weird how much Aaron looks exactly like Superman?
Flashy getup there, Jay. Richard Simmons would be proud.

We all had a blast last night at the 3rd Annual Vrbi Halloween Bash. The costume theme this year was "The Radical 80s" and everyone came up with REALLY good costumes. We had Dee Snider, Superman, Richard Simmons, Debbie Gibson, Larry Bird, Ron Jeremy, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers show up so our celebrity contingent quota was reached! Costume contest winners were as follows:

Most Disturbing Costume: Uncle Jake by a landslide.

80s-est Costume: Cara as a Debbie Gibson wannabe.

Most Original: Bryan and Tonya as the Lichtenstein cartoon characters.

Funniest Costume: Jay as Flashy McTrashy (Richard Simmons).

We also had great food. The hit of the night was Aunt Karlene's recipe for Buffalo Chix Wing Dip. It was delicious, easy to fix and really hit the spot. If you want the recipe, we'll send it to ya. Delicous stuff, Aunt Karlene!

Other food items were nachos, guacamole spider web dip, Dave's salsa, Granny Janny's salsa, Phinney's pickled green beans, and Halloween snack mix with peanuts, candy corn and M & M's.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. We really had a great time!

*** Sorry there were no pictures of Uncle Jake's winning costume. This is a family website after all. Ugggghhhh...

Thursday, October 26

Tummy Time

Getting up just fine. Getting OVER? Not so much.

I'm starting to like tummy time.

Dexter's Friend Gets a Bath

Sunday, October 22

My Buddy, Camden Moses

Jack: Are you coming over for our Halloween Party?
Cam: Nah, I hear it's just for grown-ups.
Jack: Yeah, we ran all over town for Daddy and Mommy's costumes yesterday.
Cam: Parents are weird, huh? My daddy's thinking about going as some 'Prince' guy since it's an 80s theme this year.
Jack: Well, my daddy wants to go as Larry Bird but can't find shorts short enough. I keep trying to tell him that's a good thing.
Cam: Ohmigawsh! This could get interesting!
Jack. True dat. Let's try to be asleep by then.
Cam: It's a deal!

Jack Parker and Camden Moses chill for a photo opp.

We are so dang cute! 24-7!

We had a very special guest here Saturday morning when Camden Moses came over for about an hour. The boys talked and hung out. It was a lot of fun. Here's a pop quiz for you:

Jack's parents and Camden's parents have a lot in common. What are those many, many things they have in common?

A. They both have dogs --Dex and Harley--that look exactly alike and act very much alike.

B. They both live in the same part of town--even in the same school district.

C. Jack's daddy works with Cam's daddy at Trade West. Their desks are right beside each other's.

D. Both daddies worked for Principal Financial Group in the past year or so--and hated it.

E. All four parents are from far western Nebraska--Palisade, Indianola, Hemingford, Alliance.

F. Cam's mommy and Jack's mommy are both speech pathologists for Central Nebraska Support Services Program.

G. Cam's daddy and Jack's daddy both went to journalism school.

H. The mommies both graduated with master's degrees from UNK a year apart.

I. All of the above.

Take a wild guess on this one!

Aunt Sarah and Baby Jack

I love my Aunt Sarah. She's a wonderful aunt and a great mommy to my cousin Peyton Elisabeth! She and Uncle Joe and Grandma and Grandpa Vrbi went to the Husker game yesterday. It was a great game!

Saturday, October 21

My Milestone

Rice Cereal. Dee-lish-ous!

Mommy kept me pretty clean, but I'm a messy eater.
Messy head.
For all you asking for a photo of Mommy, here it is. She's not going to be happy when she sees it on here. Daddy's gonna be in trouble. I hope you're pleased!
Cereal killah!
I'm stuffed!
Ready for a washrag.

Thanks for checking out pictures of my most recent milestone! I hope to roll over this weekend. I'm so close! And no teeth yet, Aunt Missy. No teeth yet.