Monday, October 16

Just Some Random Pix

Finally: Truth in advertising.

Funny-face time.
Mesmerized by my hands.


Susan said...

Make Mommy get in some pictures with Jack. I'm beginning to wonder if she really exists!
I was reading in Discover magazine how your brain development is really influenced a lot by how much you are touched and have people talking to you. Jack is going to be a genius!

genny said...

Hey Guys!

I have enjoyed watching Jack grow up! He is SOOOO cute. Would love to see him in person sometime.


Jack Parker said...

Hey Genny,

We've been meaning to come see you when we're back, but we don't get back there often enough! When we do, we're always in a mad rush to get back home that stopping would make Daddy crazy! We'll call you next time we're around. PROMISE. Anytime you're flying by GI, give us a notice.

Jack Parker said...

Give us a "notice"? I meant give us a call. I need to fire Daddy and get a better administrative assistant!