Monday, October 9

Hangin' With Tha Boyz

Sorry it's been so long since we posted. We couldn't find our camera! Hence, the reason we had to thieve these photos from Dax's mommy and daddy, flip them so you could see Jack's face and post them here! Thanks, Greenbeans!

JP, O, Cam & Dax hang out at the Wade house!

Cute little buggers!

The Heartbreakers got together on Saturday while Camden's daddy and Jack's daddy were in a training seminar for work. The boys and their mommies enjoyed good food, good fun and good company.
Clockwise from far left: Dax Wesley, Jack Parker, Owen Jacob, Camden Moses.

Would you believe that Dax "Mr. LOVE ME 4EVER" Wesley G. is two months younger than Jack and four months younger than Cam and Owen? He is not at all ashamed to belly up to his mommy!

Jack had a lot of smiles for his little buddies! Heartbreakers fo' sho'!