Sunday, October 29

Vrbi Halloween Bash - The Radical 80s

Before everyone else arrived, Jack had quality time with Aunt Nanci.

They both had great costumes.
Then Debbie Gibson showed up!
I was getting tired at this point, so Granny Janny and I went to my room.
Larry Bird and Baby Bird.
The whole crew together.
Not sure why we have eyeballs in our mouths, but whatev.
Dee Snider and a Twisted Sister. (Uncle Dan and Aunt Amber.)
Aunt Amber is, like, totally 80s!
A twisted sister fo' sho!
There were other celebrity guests when Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers showed. We asked them to sing "Islands In The Stream" but they declined.
Deb was rockin' out to her 80s tunes.
Dave dressed in his getup from high school in McCook and Deb STILL hung out with him all night.
A super-skinny Richard Simmons even showed up.
Jessa and Tonya ham it up.
Bryan was a Lichtenstein cartoon dude...
...and Tonya was a Lichtenstein cartoon chick.
Cara brought the 80s back in style.
Is it weird how much Aaron looks exactly like Superman?
Flashy getup there, Jay. Richard Simmons would be proud.

We all had a blast last night at the 3rd Annual Vrbi Halloween Bash. The costume theme this year was "The Radical 80s" and everyone came up with REALLY good costumes. We had Dee Snider, Superman, Richard Simmons, Debbie Gibson, Larry Bird, Ron Jeremy, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers show up so our celebrity contingent quota was reached! Costume contest winners were as follows:

Most Disturbing Costume: Uncle Jake by a landslide.

80s-est Costume: Cara as a Debbie Gibson wannabe.

Most Original: Bryan and Tonya as the Lichtenstein cartoon characters.

Funniest Costume: Jay as Flashy McTrashy (Richard Simmons).

We also had great food. The hit of the night was Aunt Karlene's recipe for Buffalo Chix Wing Dip. It was delicious, easy to fix and really hit the spot. If you want the recipe, we'll send it to ya. Delicous stuff, Aunt Karlene!

Other food items were nachos, guacamole spider web dip, Dave's salsa, Granny Janny's salsa, Phinney's pickled green beans, and Halloween snack mix with peanuts, candy corn and M & M's.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. We really had a great time!

*** Sorry there were no pictures of Uncle Jake's winning costume. This is a family website after all. Ugggghhhh...


Jessa said...

It was wonderful to meet you all!
Jack is adorable ;*)
Thank you for including me in your
festivities!! It was so much fun.
Loves and Peace,

TongaLH said...

AWESOME AWESOME TIME! Thanks for this blog!

You guys rock my world!


Susan said...

I was much more disturbed by Dan's costume! Where in the world is Amy?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looked like a fun time had by all. Wish Joe & I could have made it. Nice Larry Bird costume Dave!!! -Sarah

Witts said...

LOVE all the great costumes. We'll try to make it next year - PEACE OUT!!!