Sunday, October 22

My Buddy, Camden Moses

Jack: Are you coming over for our Halloween Party?
Cam: Nah, I hear it's just for grown-ups.
Jack: Yeah, we ran all over town for Daddy and Mommy's costumes yesterday.
Cam: Parents are weird, huh? My daddy's thinking about going as some 'Prince' guy since it's an 80s theme this year.
Jack: Well, my daddy wants to go as Larry Bird but can't find shorts short enough. I keep trying to tell him that's a good thing.
Cam: Ohmigawsh! This could get interesting!
Jack. True dat. Let's try to be asleep by then.
Cam: It's a deal!

Jack Parker and Camden Moses chill for a photo opp.

We are so dang cute! 24-7!

We had a very special guest here Saturday morning when Camden Moses came over for about an hour. The boys talked and hung out. It was a lot of fun. Here's a pop quiz for you:

Jack's parents and Camden's parents have a lot in common. What are those many, many things they have in common?

A. They both have dogs --Dex and Harley--that look exactly alike and act very much alike.

B. They both live in the same part of town--even in the same school district.

C. Jack's daddy works with Cam's daddy at Trade West. Their desks are right beside each other's.

D. Both daddies worked for Principal Financial Group in the past year or so--and hated it.

E. All four parents are from far western Nebraska--Palisade, Indianola, Hemingford, Alliance.

F. Cam's mommy and Jack's mommy are both speech pathologists for Central Nebraska Support Services Program.

G. Cam's daddy and Jack's daddy both went to journalism school.

H. The mommies both graduated with master's degrees from UNK a year apart.

I. All of the above.

Take a wild guess on this one!