Monday, October 2

Fall Blast Pics

Grandpa gets pie in the face...for charity!
Uncle Joe positions Grandpa Jerry on the hangman post. Grandpa earned the honor of being the hangman by getting the most money contributed to his cause: Christmas lights for Palisade!
Jack's daddy was the second one up to pie Grandpa Jerry. Hey, it was for a good cause! Luke would disagree; and in fact, he did!
Yummy! (And I'm not talking about the vest!)
Don't forget it, Pops.
Aunt Sarah was up next and she got him good!
With pie in hand, Tori gets ready to show Grandpa who's boss.
And now he knows...
Inside at the chili cookoff and pie baking contest, Jack cozies up with Grandma Elaine.

We had a good time a couple weekends ago at Palisade's first-ever Fall Blast. Thanks to Tina and Kerry at the Wauneta Breeze, we're able to share pics of the goings-on downtown. After the hangman scene, I was trying to explain to Luke back at the house why we all pie'd Papa Jerry. I told him that we donated $5 to get a pie and that Grandpa volunteered for the gig so that Palisade could get new Christmas lights. When I tried to justify it to him by saying I was contributing to the Christmas lights fund, he just look at me and said, "That's not very nice." True, Luke, true. But dang it was fun!


Anonymous said...

Great pics!! That was just way too much fun. When will be seeing you again Jack? I'm guessing for Matthew's b-day. Yipee!!! Can't wait! Love you- Aunt Sarah