Saturday, October 21

My Milestone

Rice Cereal. Dee-lish-ous!

Mommy kept me pretty clean, but I'm a messy eater.
Messy head.
For all you asking for a photo of Mommy, here it is. She's not going to be happy when she sees it on here. Daddy's gonna be in trouble. I hope you're pleased!
Cereal killah!
I'm stuffed!
Ready for a washrag.

Thanks for checking out pictures of my most recent milestone! I hope to roll over this weekend. I'm so close! And no teeth yet, Aunt Missy. No teeth yet.


Susan said...

Thanks for the picture of Mommy! I am pleased! I hope she doesn't take it out on you Dave.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yum! Can't wait to be feasting with you JP! ~~Dax
P.S. Nice to see a pic of your mommy on the blog!!!