Friday, August 18

To' On Da Flo'

Tina Kitt of the Wauneta Breeze took this pic of the volleyball girls during their practices this week. Since we have connections with the media in Wauneta, they sent the picture on to us for the blog!
At top left is Jack's cousin Tori, who is a freshman this year. They were practicing rolls and it must not have been painful enuf! Either that or Tina was mooning them! Somethin' was funny anyway.
It's hard to believe Daddy Dave coached the team four years ago. Isn't it crazy how time flies? Now, Coach Wilson is working on whipping them into shape again after another crazy summer.
We're looking forward to attending some games this fall! Yay, Broncos!
(Oops...almost forgot...we love the shoes! They're nifty as heck!)