Wednesday, August 16

Hi Everybody!

Sorry for the delay in getting posts on here. We have been busy and when you have to choose between snuggling and posting to the Internet site, you HAVE to choose snuggles!
Jack-Jack is growing up before our very eyes. Last Friday, he had a doctor's appointment and he weighed 10'6". Doctor Steinke said he had great skin tone and was in good shape. Then...Jack got his first round of shots. It was BRUTAL! Jack screamed and Mommy cried. As Daddy left the clinic, he was getting on the elevator and two elderly people were in there with him. "Was that your little one crying a minute ago?" they asked. It was him.
On Monday, JP went to daycare for the first time ever. He is adjusting very well to it and his daycare provider, Laurie, is just awesome. He is one of five babies there, so he'll have a lot of friends his age. Their names are Colson, Denali (Denny), Keiara, McKenna and, of course, Jack Jack. Laurie and her husband also have three kids of their own: Austin, Jayden and Brody. They are such polite, well-mannered and friendly children. They'll be good influences on Jack Jack. Brody will be there all day with the others. And the other great thing is that Laurie's parents live there also, so they're always helping out!
Here are the things Laurie has written on his daily reports:
Day One: "He made a whole bunch of new friends today. He is a good baby--lots of smiles. We sang songs and he would smile and coo. It took him a little while to get used to the different noises. He did great. I think he will love it here. Thank you for sharing him!"
Day Two: "He is so awesome. How blessed you should feel. He loves looking at all his new friends. He took some good naps today. I enjoy him very much. He reminds me of my Austin: very loveable and sweet."
Day Three: "Sleepy boy today. A good boy when awake. He smiled and cooed. I love having Jack here!"
Amy is back at work this week. She is the speech pathologist for Gates Elementary and Knickrehm. She's met her fellow teachers in both schools now and is really excited to work with them. One of the teachers at Gates is Tammy Verba. How weird is that? Amy said she is hilarious!
We are excited for Cousin Andrew to move here this weekend. He will be attending the Law Enforcement Training Academy and Central Community College and has a nice apartment downtown. It'll be nice to have him here. We hope he's not shy about hanging out here at the house. We LOVE company, Drew! Hint, hint!
The garden is still growing, as are the weeds. Our lawn looks terrible, but so does everyone else's it seems. We sent two bags of Romas home with Grandma P to give to Jared to make salsa. We hope he shares! Ha ha.
We're going to host another playdate soon for Big O, Cam, Dax and Jack to get together. We're hoping to implement "80s Movie Sundays" at least once a month so the boys can get together and plot world domination! Last time, at O's house, we watched "Adventures in Babysitting" and "Goonies." We'll probably host the next one here. We're thinking "Princess Bride", "Spaceballs", "Sixteen Candles" or "Parenthood". They're all such great movies--as are most of the cheesy 80s flicks!
Leave us some comments. We love to hear from you! If you don't, we won't know you were here! So, don't be a booger. Leave a note!


Baby Greenwood said...

Dax is totally into the idea of 80s movie/playdate Sundays! :) Keep us up to date! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a booger, so I'll say HI and Jack is getting sooo big!!! :D the witt crew