Tuesday, August 22

Then And Now

Jack on June 8

And Jack on August 22.

I think it's safe to say that our little boy is becoming more and more handsome with age. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but his eyes are so blue they literally light up the room--especially when he's wearing blue. It seems like he is growing and growing so much that when you lie him down for bedtime, you wonder how much he'll grow before he wakes up. We are enjoying all of his little milestones, and are looking so forward to his first audible giggle.
It just amazes us how much love can come in such a tiny little package. He has such a charming character. When we get up for our morning routine, he is full of smiles and enjoys his time with Mommy and Daddy before going to daycare. Our reports from Laurie is that he talks to her all day and laughs and smiles. He has truly charmed her.
When Jack rides in the car, he likes the radio off so he can hear Daddy sing all the way across town. Daddy was running out of songs like "Row Row Row Your Boat" and needed some adult songs to sing finally. It's a ten-minute ride, so we covered everything from "Stand By Me" to "Walkin' In Memphis" this morning. He always babbles along in the backseat (I think he's showing me the way to sing the song with a little more soul.) He'll either grow up to be a singer or hate music because of those car rides. We'll see...
We hope you're enjoying the blog. We love showing off our beautiful baby boy. He is truly the apple of our eyes. We are looking forward to everyone seeing him in person soon!

Take Care,

Daddy & Mommy V


Susan said...

I thought about something I read in a science magazine when I read your description of Jack growing. It was thought to be a myth that parents could tell that their child grew overnight. Then, scientists actually measured infants and discovered that they have these huge growth spurts where parents actually could notice a difference in size. Interesting, huh??