Thursday, August 31

Jack's Week at Daycare

Since Granny Janny is going to be staying with us Thursday through Monday, Jack won't be at daycare on Friday. Here's the weekly recap though:

Monday: Jack had a good day today. He was happy and playful. He really let me know when he was hungry today. He was a good boy.
Tuesday: He seemed sleepy today. He drank his bottles very slowly. So a very quiet day for Jack. He wasn't really in the mood to play either.
Wednesday: He got the hiccups today and he would squeak this little sweet sound. Very cute. He loved listening to Austin and Jadeyn practice piano. He smiled and would turn his head to listen. He is very smart.
Thursday: A good day. Jack was happy. He smiles with his eyes. I love it! :-) Ate good today. Every drop...