Monday, August 28

Cutie Patootie


Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you that you are the prettiest baby!!!! I just can't get over it! Seriously!
Love you lots & we miss you & your parents very very much. Kisses & hugs!

Luv- Aunt Sarah, Uncle Joe & Peytie :)

Jack Parker said...

Aw shucks, other Vrbi family! I AM pretty damned cute, but you're embarassing me! Love you too. We'll see you soon. We promise!

Blackmans said...

Jack! You are getting SOOO big! I like the Husker outfit! You better wear that on Saturday! We hope to see you soon!
Aunt Missy, Uncle Jared, Luke and Matthew

Anonymous said...

Jack has a very cute smile. You know, he would get a lot more attention if he had an Iowa State outfit! What do you think? Actually, I'd be afraid to give him one to wear in Nebraska.