Monday, August 7

Jack's Newest Friend is Born!

Introducing Dax Wesley to the Heartbreaker Crew!
Dax Wesley was born on Sunday, August 6.
He was 7 lbs., 7 oz. and 20 inches.
Just a little bit smaller than Jack was on his birthday.

Jack Parker and Dax Wesley

Craig can't believe his little boy will be this big in only two months!

Craig, Jack, Dave and Dax share a moment at the hospital today. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, Daddy Dave IS officially on a diet after seeing this picture!)

Dax is the sixth boy to join the Heartbreakers. We didn't know if Dax would be a boy or girl, but we're happy to add him to the group of heartbreakers here in GI. Among all of our friends, every single one of them gave birth to boys: Ryan Briant, Johnathan Krysan, Owen Jacob, Camden Moses, our little Jack Parker and now Dax Wesley. (And Aunt Missy will be adding another boy in September.) The little girls are going to have a really hard time choosing--if anybody's had a girl in the past six months!


Baby Greenwood said...

Now those are some fine looking baby boys! :) Heartbreakers for life!