Monday, March 12

Pop Quiz

Q: What is going on in this picture?

1. As a lasting and memorable homage to the Wauneta-Palisade Broncos winning the state basketball championship on Saturday night, we put the thing Tori was supposed to shake like a polaroid picture at the game--but forgot it on the guest bed here at the house--on Jack's head so he can demonstrate the frustration of not being able to get the red and blue out of your grill. Much like the other teams experienced.
2. We are really patriotic and what's more American than red and blue stringy things on a very white little baby?
3. Our son's name is now Whoopsy Goldboogs.
4. It was kinda cute in a moms-and-dads-always-do-annoying-and-stupid-things-for-pictures-that-their-kids-will-look-back-on-with-contempt sort of way plus it was spontaneous, fun and really warrants no explanation.


The Wades said...

I vote C and now have a new nickname for you!

Tori said...

OHHH! i totally know this one lol! it is deffinately A!!!

Tori said...

k so i meant number 1..not A, my bad!

Baby Greenwood said...

i was going to say #1, but now i know i'm definitely right since that's the way tori voted! ;)