Friday, March 23

I Don't Feel So Good

When I feel poopy, all I want is my mommy.
And some good sleep...
And maybe a little nap here and there...
Jack is doing better, folks, but he's had a rough several days. We've kept him hydrated (thanks to orange PediaLyte; he hates the original flavor) and he's got plenty of sleep, and is recovering well. He had Daddy on Tuesday for his regular day off, Mommy the next two days and Daddy again on Friday because Mommy had to go to work. He was more active today, getting all fours and actually doing some crawling, but still has awesomely awful diarrhea. No vomiting anymore, but his diaper this afternoon didn't quite hold all the stuff and the foot of his sleeper filled up with poo. Let's just say we took that sleeper out with the garbage. This afternoon, Daddy started disinfecting the whole house (which may have been in vain if you read anything about the virus on the other website; it's a hardy sonofagun!)
Thanks for rooting for Jack-Jack to get better. He's feeling like himself much more everyday.


Susan said...

Jack looks so cute leaning on you. He knows who loves him!