Monday, March 12

Dax Came To My House!

Two little buddies, sittin' on a blankie, so happy to see each other.
Hey dude, check out my giraffe!
Um, I don't think that's your toy there, pardner. I believe it's mine.
We didn't share too well at first, but we got used to that concept.
Dax took the first bite.
Then it was my turn.
"Um, ladies, I think we have a soggy one over here!"
Dax and I even went to visit our buddy Camden later that day when he got home.

Dax came to town the other day and he and Jack had a blast. Amy drove him into Lincoln and followed his mommy because there was something wrong with the tires on her car. For safety's sake, we all thought that was the best idea.
Jack actually made two trips to Lincoln and a trip to Funk to pick up Tori. We all spent some time at the state basketball tournament watching daddy's hometown win the championship. It was a blast, but we don't have a single photo of the event!
(Daddy and Jack watched the championship game from the concession stand television because the noise inside the event center was too much for Jack's little ears.)


The Wades said...

We laughed forever at this blog. You're daddy has quite a way with words!!!

Baby Greenwood said...

ha ha ha! love the diaper picture! :)
hanging with you was way fun! let's do it again soon!