Thursday, March 8

Mr. Mess Maker

Gerber spaghetti makes me messy.
But I had fun, so that's a good thing.
"Good Lawd, look what that child is getting away with. Woof."
Mommy took these pictures so I think she tried to get her new fridge in the picture as much as possible.
CamMo's and ODawg's moms said avocadoes are good for brain development. My brain is still trying to develop how to get them in my mouth.
That, and I don't particularly LOVE the taste.
Sometimes I stretch before eating a big meal.
I think I'm done, Daddy.
Okay, I take that back. I'll have 1 more.


Jessica said...

How does Dex feel about a little person who so conveniently drops food on the floor? I know our dog loves it! I can't believe how big Jack's getting.