Friday, March 16

Spring is Just 'Round the Corner!

Tuesday was a great day! Weather in the 80s here!
Jack hasn't had a lot of outside time yet (born in June, most of the weather last summer was far too hot for a newborn), so he LOVED sitting on his blankie in the sun the other day.
Hey, daddy-o!
Gotta roll over to the sunlight...
Then, when I got inside, I got stripped down and played with my puppy.
And I rolled and scooted a bunch.
And then I pondered crawling...
And then I practiced the preliminary stages of crawling.

All in all, a great pre-Spring day!


Dax, Ian, and Jude said...

YES! didn't you just LOVE the beautiful weather? i know i i can't wait for more!! hopefully we can spend lots of time in the sun together this summer when your mommy is home!!

Anonymous said...

I think he's getting the hang of this crawling thing!!! Won't be long, will it! Then chasing Jack will be your aerobics, dear parents!! How fun to see his progress each week. See you soon!
Love, Grammy Tami

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun! Peyton can't get enough of her swingset & any kind of play that allows her to be outside. Looks like he is loving the warm weather, too. Bring on Spring!!! Love you guys! Later...
-Aunt Sarah

The Hagan Clan said...

I just bet he love it outside. I think we are all glad that summer is just around the corner. Well you guys enjoy these beautiful days!!!