Sunday, March 4

One Giant Post To Wrap Up The Last Week

This week, I started drinking out of a sippy.

I also learned how to make funny faces.
Last night, at Jen, Lynn and Owen's house, I got a Cheerio stuck on my uvula. Daddy got it unstuck so I barfed all over him. Thankfully they gave him a shirt to wear.
My buddies O-Dawg and CamMo were so funny. Cam fed O some of his supper.
Silly boyz.
Just me eating.
Me and my cousin Tori. She played a lot of basketball at the state tournament. I didn't get to see her since I stayed home because of bad weather, but Daddy, my grandmas, my grandpa and Aunt Heidi said she was awesome. So did the people on the radio.
I'm being serious, y'all. She was really good!

My grandma Tami was standing me up. I was having a good time. My gramps bought me some new shoes when we were at Wally World. Aunt Heidi helped pick 'em out.
There's my Grandpa. We caught up quite a bit. He's so fun to play with.
(Can you see my tooth on the bottom?)
We laugh and laugh.
Yay! Fun!
I stole my daddy's grandma for some snuggle time. She's my GREAT grandma. So true.
We cozied up with her cardinal blankie.
Here I am just being cute before daycare last week.
What's happenin', folks.
One of the cutest photos of me. Ever.

We were busy, busy, busy last week. With work, travel, company and stuff going on, we are just now getting to an update. Sorry for the delay in posts, but enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Lord.

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter, doesn't he?

Hope you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I hope you know how serious I am when I say... "HE IS THE MOST ADORABLE KID!!!!!!!" Gosh Jack, could you get any cuter? I don't think it's possible... if so, it should be outlawed!! LOL! Anyway, just thought I'd drop you guys a line & let you know that Aunt Sarah, Uncle Joe & Peytie are doing well... and we ARE still alive. Seems like it's been forever since we've talked to any of you G.I. folks! We really need to get up your way for a visit. In the mean time... kiss that little guy for us.

Love ya' - Peace out... Aunt Sarah

PS - Ummmm Dave - how much weight have you lost? Haven't checked in to your diet plan blog lately I guess, but wow... you're looking great!