Wednesday, November 8

Tuesday Night Company

We had some special guests over last night!
Dax and his mommy and daddy had dinner with us and took in the first hour of election results. Jack's daddy cooked up a pretty good impromptu din-din, consisting of turkey mignon (French), fries (also French), bread (sort of French) and beans (not French at all; just green in honor of Baby Greenbean).
C'était le français-tastic ! (It was French-tastic!)
Dax and Jack were not in the mood for any election nonsense, so they conked out fairly early in the evening. The rest of us had a pretty good time--especially when the news came in that Pete Ricketts had essentially made fat donations to radio and television stations all across our great state in the past year! See ya, Pete!
I was joking last night that since Adrian Smith won, I'm going to make a T-shirt with his face on it that says: "President Bush Came To My Town And All I Got Was This Lousy Congressman."
Nah, just kidding. We're all very happy that there is a balance of power in Worshington (a little shout out to Aunt Sarah on that obvious misspelling of Washington; we know how you hated those commercials), so that the war situation can be immediately addressed. We also hope Mr. Kleeb will run for office again very soon (maybe along with Mr. Obama in '08). He has a great deal of insight to share with the folks in Washington.
Thanks for joining us, Greenbeans!


Anonymous said...

M. Vrbas, votre francais est fantasique!! Tres bien!!

Anonymous said...

It was our pleasure joining you! Thanks for the great food and fantastic company! We all miss you guys already! Come visit us in Lincoln SOON! ;) Love, The Greenbeans :)