Sunday, November 26

A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Pix

Before Thanksgiving dinner, we made an early trip to Palisade to see Grandma Elaine so she could spend some time with JP.
Tori and Jack-Jack hung out before dinner.
Peyton Elisabeth and her daddy.
We love those cheesy grins!
Sabrina Elise and her dad (Dave's cousin Josh).
Jack and Daddy's Aunt Cindy.
Peyton and Hunter Robert.
Great Grandma Mary Lou got some Jack time during din-din. She was nice enough to hold the little guy so Daddy and Mommy could eat.
It is customary in our family to take a quick nap after a Thanksgiving meal. For Jack, a nap comes immediately after pretty much every milk meal.
Tori Rae
Grandpa Jerry and Jack play on the floor.
Grammy Tami and Jack enjoyed a day of thanksgiving.
Matthew Jared, Grammy Tami and Jack.
Matthew Jared and Uncle Dave.
Nathan Lyn and Jack Parker
Peyton Elisabeth, Jack Parker, Tori Rae, Nathan Lyn, Luke Carson and Matthew Jared
Jack, Dex and Rick had a great weekend together. Granny Janny made a good choice, we say!

Jack and Uncle Jake.

Jack and Granny Janny hung out a lot this weekend.

Regardless of what he said he was going to do, Uncle Jake didn't kill Professor Dexter Beansprout!

Again, after a Thanksgiving dinner, it is customary to nap hard.

Dex and Jack just hangin' out waiting to go set up the craft show.

Peyton and Luke

Sometimes when the going gets rough, the tough gotta have Grandpa Jerry. Jack's gums were bugging him so bad the day after Thanksgiving that Mommy and Daddy needed a break. Luckily, Grandpa's magical bouncy knee was all little JP needed.

And...he's out...
And another good picture of Jack with Grandma Elaine.


Anonymous said...

Jack, your aunt Sarah is sure glad your daddy is so good about snapping pics of all you kids. And wow are you photogenic? It was so great to see all of you over the weekend. Sorry we had to leave early on Saturday... Peyton definitely needed a nap tho'. Love you all & will talk to you soon.
~Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a busy fam-filled t-day like me! i gotta get to updating my blog now that mommy and i are back home! i'm thankful for you jp! ;) later. ~dax~