Wednesday, November 22

Big News!

Sorry for not updating y'all sooner, but Jack rolled over for the first time on Monday night!
Dave was on the phone with Grammy Tami and Mommy was on the floor with the little dude and he surprised all three of us.
We know some of you have been concerned about how long it's taken him to reach this milestone, but we were assured by his pediatrician that he's right on target.
According to Laurie, Jack's daycare provider, she read a study that said babies are now rolling over later than they used to. Since new SIDS guidelines tell us to place babies on their backs to sleep, they just aren't rolling over as soon as they used to when they were on their bellies for shut-eye. That, and the fact that he was born three weeks early mean he's right on target.
YAY, Mr. Jack-Jack!


Anonymous said...

That's SOOOOO exciting Jack Parker!! Congrats on the big milestone. And you just don't need to worry about what people say... your cousin Peyton didn't start rolling over until after 6 months, too. You're gonna' be such a smart boy - look at the 2 peeps who created you!

Hugs -n- kisses~
Aunt Sarah

The Wades said...

Yeah Jack-Jack!! Just think, in a couple of months you'll be crawling all over the place and mom and dad will wish you would just stay in one place!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats jack! and what a cute pic too!