Sunday, September 10

The Week In Review

Well, here we are on Sunday--the day we use here at Casa de Vrbi to reflect on the week gone by and to begin feeling depressed about diving back into the rat race of the upcoming week. Yay!
Last week was chaotic, dramatic and energy-draining. For one, the goings-on at work were paralyzingly shocking and depressing, as two of Dave's co-workers and friends moved on to other avenues outside the newspaper. Needless to say, several days of this week at work were spent trying to figure out who was taking over the duties left behind. It was interesting to say the least.
Jack went to daycare on Tuesday, but became very sick that night and stayed home from daycare on Wednesday. Daddy got sick Wednesday night and is now getting over whatever sinus disease Jack was dragging around with him. Even when it was obvious he wasn't feeling good, Jack was still very smily and happy. He's such a great baby!
When we took him to the doctor, Jack weighed in at 11 lbs., 8 oz., so it was proof that he is growing well.
Amy is getting into the groove at her new schools now. Since moving into town, she has less drive time, but a larger caseload to deal with. She had her other kids for four years, so she's trying to get to know her new students and teachers, as well as find her way around larger schools!
There were several bright spots, such as the birth of Missy and Jared's third son, Nathan Lyn. He is such an interesting fellow. We're trying to figure out where his looks come from, but one thing is unanimous: HE'S CUTE!
We went to Elm Creek so Tori could see her cousin Jack. We watched the Wauneta-Palisade girls play a couple games and came back home to settle in for the night. Now, we're getting ready to watch the Huskers play some volleyball so that'll be another very bright spot for the week. Hopefully they'll kick some butt!
And we have been blessed by quite a bit of rain this weekend. Actually, this whole summer has been full of wonderful precipitation. It really rejuvenates the entire yard!
We are hoping this weekend finds you all in good spirits since the Huskers are kicking booty in both vball and football. We hope your weeks are productive and un-hectic. We are praying for the same for us!
Peace out,
The Vrbi
PS: Our friends, Tony and Melissa Staab, now have a blog for their family too. Melissa figured it out very quickly, so check out her progress. Their son, Sean, was pretty much the only baby we had access to when we moved to GI, so he and "Uncle Dave" and "Aunt Amy" think a lot of each other. Their baby, Ryan, was born this year on Valentine's Day. He's a cool little guy. Check out their site: