Monday, September 18

Jack's Boy Cousins

Luke doesn't like to have his picture taken, but Uncle Dave managed to snap this one. He had to bribe the little guy a bit though.

Nathan Lyn Blackman

Another big day for Nate.

While Luke shuns it, Matthew enjoys his time in front of the camera.

Baby Buddha.

Uncle Dave, may I have your attention, please?

Smiley guy.

The Vrbi made a trip back to McCook for the weekend, but not until Saturday. We were loading the car Friday night when a wicked storm breezed through. After being sent to the basement by the tornado sirens and getting smacked by golfball-sized hail, the Vrbi decided to hit the highway the next day and enjoyed time with their families. We saw a lot of people over the weekend, but one very important one: little Nathan. We got to meet him Saturday afternoon/evening and he was even cuter than his pictures. He was well worth the trip. We also hung out at Uncle Joe's for the game and saw Aunt Heidi's renovations on her house. We also stayed with Granny Janny and met her very nice friend, Rick. Jack enjoyed the weekend and even though we didn't get pictures of everyone else, we thought we'd showcase Jack's three boy cousins because they're so darn cute! Sorry if we missed you this weekend, but we were so busy running all over the place, we didn't know whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts! We'll see you again soon though...

Until then, enjoy the site!