Saturday, September 9

Miscellaneous Good News & Pics

Please join the Vrbi in welcoming to the family Nathan Lyn Blackman. He was born Thursday at Great Plains Medical Center in North Platte NE. His parents are Jared and Missy (Dave's sis) Blackman. He was welcomed by his two brothers, Luke and Matthew, and his two sisters, Kenna and angel Maya.

September 7, 2006
1:32 p.m.
7 pounds
19 inches

Nathan Lyn Blackman

What a cutie! Look at that dark hair!

Missy, Nate and Luke sharing a moment.

Grandma Vrbas, Nathan and Luke

Luke with his little brother.

Luke, Grandma Peterson, Nathan and Grandma Tami.

Just a couple days old, hangin' out, bein' a dude...


It makes so sense for me to post this here, but this was a cute pic of Jack and his Granny Tami.


Since I have such good connections with the Wauneta media, they sent me these exclusive photos of Tori playing volleyball last week. Thanks, Kerry and Tina!


Grammy Tami said...

Amy, Dave and Jack,

Can't wait to see you guys and get to meet your new little cousin/nephew. Do you think Nathan will grow as fast as Jack has?

See you soon! We love and miss you, lots and lots!

Grammy Tami