Sunday, September 10

Jack's Fragmented Week At Daycare

Monday: Labor Day.
Tuesday: He talked a lot today. He did fuss a little during his 12:15 bottle. You may want to think about changing his nipples to a stage 2--I think he's ready!
Wednesday: Home sick.
Thursday: He wasn't himself, but was OK. I gave him his meds on time. He did have some smiles in him. Hope he has a good night.
Friday: He was a good boy. Almost his old self. As of 3 p.m. we haven't had a bowel movement. Bad gas, though. I hope he has a great weekend!

TMI ALERT: He pooped really good Friday night!


Grammy Tami said...

Dear Jack-Jack,

I heard you had a nasty cold last week. Hope you feel better quicker than quick. You need some of Grammy's chicken and noodles. Can't wait to see you, sweetie.

Love you,
Grammy Tami