Sunday, September 3

Grandparents Bring Me Joy And Vice Versa

Grandmas are ha-larious!

Tell me more, Granny, tell me more...
The punchline was worth the wait!
You're right, Grandma; I AM number one!
Higher, Grandma, higher!
So, you're the people who put up with my Daddy all those years?
You're funny, Gramps...
REALLY funny!
Funnier than funny!!!

We had a really good time this weekend with three of Jack's grandparents. Granny Janny babysat on Friday and stayed until Sunday. And Grandpa Jerry and Granny Tami stopped by after the Huskers football game and stayed Saturday night and most of Sunday. It was a blast. Jack was smiling and talking most of the time. Daddy and Gramps even heard Jack's first giggle when Gramps was tickling him! We sent pictures home with the Vrbi Grand'rents for Grandma Mary Lou and Grandma Elaine. We will have more pix to send on to aunts, uncles and other grandparents in the next couple days. We need to buy more photo paper and refill our printer cartridge...

LEAVE COMMENTS, PLEASE. (Yes, that means you! Yes, you.)


Stacy Cutinella said...

Is it just me, or do Jack's features look more like a Vrbas when Grandpa V. is holding him. And more like Amy's family when she holds him? It's fair to call me crazy :)

I love your little guy and new pictures are a highlight of my day - Thanks :)

Baby Greenwood said...

We love your smile!!!!
Thank your mom and dad for always updating your blog with new smiles to brighten our day! :)
Becca, Craig, & Dax

TongaLH said...

Your kid is cuter than cute. There I commented. ::rasberries::

Blackmans said...

Wow Jack! You look like you really enjoyed your grandparents this weekend! Your smile lights up my day!!! I hope to see you very soon! Love ya!
Aunt Missy

Anonymous said...

Jack Jack, you are such a cutie pie! You have an adorable smile!!! GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ The Witt Crew

Grammy Tami said...

Jack, you're the coolest. I miss you.
Grammy Tami