Sunday, June 8

The Second Birthday Fun Time Post

The sign says it all...
I see it, but I don't believe it...sigh...
Proud of his sign.
Chillin' on m' birthday...keepin it real...binky and all...
TiLynn made the most awesome cake for the birthday boy. She's so good to us!

Side note: We weren't sure if we'd be in Des Moines this weekend or not, but TiLynn wanted to make Jack a cake for this birthday, and who were we to turn down an offer like that? Then we realized that she was making this big cake and we didn't have anyone to eat it all and it would be sad if we didn't share the cake, so we called up some buddies last minute! We figured we were here, we'd throw something together and just have some friends in the park. Very last minute. And very fun indeed.
Is that not a-DORA-ble? It looked and tasted great! Then we demolished it!
Jack and Dora.
Eating cake and ice cream in the park.
Owen strollin'...(say that ten times really fast)!
Sean helping Jack up the step. I don't know who that other kid was standing there, but he was a bit 'creep' and had no adult supervision.
Jack enjoyed the wooden bridge immensely. He and his buds played on it forev.

Jack and his pretty mommy.
Owen and Jen. I think her shirt is in reference to the fact that they have a 7 week old too...
O and Jack.
What a great birthday!
Owen, Sean, Ryan and Jack muscle for rank on the bridge.
Sean gives it a good run.
Then Ryan had at it.
Jack and I snuck off for a bit and I snapped some photos of him being silly.

Jack made sure to give every kid at the party a hug as they left. Ryan was first.
Then Sean.
Thanks, Owen F.

And thank you too, Owen H. Jack was very gracious to his guests, making his dad very proud.
Thanks, O, for the big bag o' goodies! Well done!
And other O, we already read the book tonight!
When we got home, Daddy and Mommy gave Jack his gifts: a new sandbox and a roller coaster. Stay tuned for the vid of the roller coaster. This thing is fun!

Here's a photo of it, but it doesn't to it justice.
This is in our front yard perennial bed.
What a cute boy.
Jack helped me plant some annuals in the perennial bed. Yeah, we like to mix and match.
What a helper!

All in all, a great second birthday!


Peyton's Place said...

What a precious little birthday boy he is!? How sweet that he's such a hugger! Love that! Gosh we miss you guys! Sure hope to see you this weekend... (in fact, Joe was just saying last nite, that he REALLY misses his brother.) I thought that was sweet.

The Wades said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Did you know it was also our mommy and daddy's 6th wedding anniversary?! Sooooo sad we missed the impromptu b-day party :( But, we think about you all the time. In fact, every time Mommy turns the computer on Cam says "Jack"! Hope to see you soon!
~~Cam and Bryce

Wheelers said...

Fun pictures! I know what you mean about not believing he's 2. What a cutie!

Sarah said...

We had a great time!!! Thanks for the invite Jack (and his mommy and daddy). We are glad you had a good birthday. -Sarah, Lane, and Owen

Kimi said...

Omgoodness.....Jack is 2. I can't believe it! Where does the time go? It's so happy and sad at the same time. Happy belated bday Jack!

Fyi, Johnny said "doda" when he saw Jack's cake. We are still working on pronouncing works correctly...but at least we are finally trying. ;)

Dax and Ian said...

looks like a blast!!! happy birthday jack! we sure wish we lived close enough for a last minute party. hope to see you soon...looks like we might need to come there to play with that awesome looking roller coaster!!!