Saturday, June 21

Palisade Pioneer Days--A Week Later...

We forgot our camera for our trip to Palisade, but Missy was kind enough to share her photos with us. Okay, truthfully, I stole them off her blog. Thanks, Miss!
Here's Grandma Elaine hanging with Jake, Nate and Luke--three of her five great-grandsons.

My dad drove Peyton in the parade. She was chosen as Miss Poppy for the American Legion Auxiliary. I think my dad had to do the lion's share of the candy throwing from what I could see...
Amy, Jack and I getting ready for the parade. Jack loved it!
Going after the candy with Matt and Luke.
Jack was probably watching his uncle act like a very heinous hood ornament. (My Broseph went through the parade in drag to advertise the "Guys As Gals" softball game in the park later.)
Yeah, that's my brother, Josephina.

My cousin Vanessa brought Addison this weekend too! It was great to see them again and to hang out with them! They're such fun.
Missy hosted a belated party for Jack's birthday on Sunday, before we took off for Des Moines.
Here, Jack shows Tori how to play with trucks.
Addison and her dad at Jack's party. She is ALL personality.
Jack with his cake.

The chaos.
Jack gave everyone a hug and said 'thanks'. Here, he hugs Grandma Mary Lou for giving him a car from my grandpa's collection of toy cars. He loves the car, for the record! That also gave Grammy Tami a chance to steal another hug too! Everyone wins!

I stole this photo from Mindy's blog. We were getting ready to go down to the ballpark for that insanity. Jack and I decided it was a good time to 'rastle.
And I saved the best for last. When we first got there, I noticed the ugliest dress and had to know who was wearing it. Sure enough, it was my cousin Andrew in this glorious housedress. Gorge, Andrew!


Peyton's Place said...

Yes! I would have to agree - that is the most gorgeous house dress I've EVER seen! LOL! I just showed the 'heinous hood ornament' this post & he laughed 'til he cried... (we both did actually!)

We were so glad you guys got to be here to enjoy the weekend with us. We miss you already!

Cheryl said...

Looks like a good time, I can't believe how Jack is growing.

Mindy said...

I CANNOT believe that I missed this post! You have to be kidding me - anyway - you do have such a way with words!!!